Community Partners + Jumpstart = Success

Community Partners and Jumpstart created the Partnership to give Jewish innovators access to increased efficiency and effectiveness, the benefits of economies of scope and scale as well as the best possible support expertise in launching their new ventures.

In addition, we hope that the Partnership will be build bridges between the Jewish and non-Jewish public, as well as between faith-based and secular public benefit initiatives in Los Angeles and beyond.

About Community Partners

Community Partners

Community Partners acts as a catalyst for community change, civic action and readiness by offering critical support, guidance and training to a range of nonprofit organizations, initiatives, foundations, government agencies and social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for building communities. Founded in 1992, Community Partners has served nearly 600 social entrepreneurs and currently manages roughly $18 million in revenues and $14 million in assets for 130 projects and strategic initiatives.

About Jumpstart


Jumpstart is a catalyst, think tank, and incubator for sustainable Jewish innovation. Jumpstart's mission is to develop, strengthen, and learn from emerging nonprofit organizations that build community at the nexus of spirituality, learning, social activism, and culture. Founded in 2008, Jumpstart supports new Jewish projects, networks their leaders and advocates for broader investment in innovation from Jewish philanthropists and organizations.